Digital transformation framework

SkyTeam digital transformation framework is the start to finish approach to deliver successful transformation projects.
Insight to transformation
Digital transformation is not just technology, it’s a business strategy that requires organizations to re-envision existing business models and embrace a different way of bringing together people, data, and processes.

So the goal of this phase to get the plan and value by the following:

Setup center of excellence

This stakeholder workgroup will facilitate work throughout the project journey by
  • Supporting IT
    • Explore the current and need state of IT infrastructure, technical governance and organizational change required to make the technology successful across the enterprise.
    • Review the status of related technologies used within the organization.
    • automate applications and platform management and provide insights into applications and platform usage.
    • Keep abreast of technology advances, sharing updates and new features.
    • Host learning lunches and show and tell sessions to enable solutions within the organization.
    • Provide technical expertise to support Tier 3 help desk requests that cannot be solved via lower tiers of the IT help desk.
  • Program/ Project Management

    Full project management practice for digital transformation journey to make sure projects and initiatives are on track to achieve it on time in terms of (Quality, Time, Cost)

    This workgroup most productive when facilitated by technologists and group facilitation in business.

A prototype of the first application

This is about getting to value quickly. Here we’re selecting a high-priority workload, co-designing alongside business users and gleaning their expertise in how the app should work, and then building it out as a prototype.

Scaling up innovation

We’ve learned a lot through this phase. The prototype has helped to get a feel for the business use cases we’ll be migrating, sessions exposed us to the skill level and enthusiasm of developers, and the stakeholder workgroups have given us the chance to paint the picture of adoption. Lastly, we will create a project plan, a timeline for executing.
Power workforce

The goal of the phase is to empower employees and IT by delivering essential tools for the modern workplace by:

  • Implement and Train employees on Office 365 and Team.
  • Implement and Train employees on Project management tool.
  • Implement and Train IT on Azure DevOps.
Deliver Innovations
The outcome of the first phase will be a backlog of workload that needs to modernize.

Three tracks of work follow insight into the transformation phase and they should happen in parallel.

Track 1

App build

the first track focuses on design, build and launching new applications and workload on the platform.

Track 2


The second track feeds the first. Therefore, it’s critical that we directly work with business owners, and users alike, to identify and analyze candidate applications, workloads and to create a roadmap for adoption. These candidates should be prioritized and re-prioritized on an on-going basis so that our Track 1 activities remain focused on the most important next steps.

Track 3

Enterprise management

Our third track is the foundation for the other two.

It is about governance at the enterprise level. Which includes program management, application life cycle management (ALM/DevOps) and enterprise architecture.

Transformation enablement

When workload (application, visualization or automation component) is ready for deployment to production and general use. it’s important to transition that workload out of its design-build development and into its long-term home“operation and Maintenance”. Where this includes post-go-live support, tuning, and optimization.

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