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Customer Engagement & Insight

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can digitally transform the public sector, the government, and almost any organization by eliminating reliance on legacy systems, databases, and paper-based services. It provides the platform and tools that equip organizations in deploying seamless, end-to-end, multi-device, multi-channel digital case management systems –that allow users to transact their business while online, without having to resort to printing forms or calling a service center. The key advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are its; scalability, extendibility, flexibility, maintainability, and interoperability as well as its seamless integration with other applications and services on the Microsoft Cloud (including SharePoint, Power BI, OneDrive, Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps amongst others). Some of the key benefits that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can bring to all sectors are:

  • Improved process efficiency –digitizing and streamlining in person and/or paper-based processes, making services more available and convenient for customers and citizens and cutting down the administrative overhead for organizations.
  • Increased productivity –automating back-office operations, reducing bottlenecks, ensuring processes are always followed and reducing end-user training needs. PowerApps and Power Automate can also be used to extend process automation with no-code/low-code solutions.
  • Improved reporting and analytics –organizations can interrogate data with highly flexible, customizable reporting and turn data into insights. Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service can help organizations to optimize their operations and create better customer service experiences.
  • Improved flexibility and maintainability –Dynamics 365 provides tools to empower organizations to configure/customize the way they do business without the need of a developer and eliminates the potential impact of customizations on platform upgrades.
  • Improved interoperability –Power Automate and Logic Apps can be used to build no-code integrations with other internal and external systems and the Common Data Service can be leveraged for integrating Dynamics 365 with other business apps seamlessly.

SkyTeam works collaboratively with you to quickly deploy, implement, and customize your CRM solution. We can help you to maximize your investment, extending your CRM solution to meet various scenarios such as citizen service, case and licensing management, workflow management, and analytics.

Customer Insights& Data Platform

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an end-to-end customer data platform (CDP) that has been developed to let you understand your customers in more depth—helping your marketing, sales and service professionals deliver personalized experiences at every interaction. As your customer data is generally scattered across a variety of sources, Customer Insights easily amalgamates this data and utilize AI and Machine Learning to get a ‘360-degree’ view of your customers as well as detailed insights and recommendations to help you provide the highest level of service. Other features of the add-on include:

  • Extend the application with tools such as PowerApps, Power Automate, Azure services and Power BI to create detailed dashboards and reports of your data.
  • Drive operational excellence and instantly respond to customer actions and signals with workflows.
  • Discover and create new audience segments and empower teams with directly embedded profiles and insights.
  • Use quick-start machine learning templates to predict churn and next best actions.

CRM & Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps unify the way you engage with customers and provide meaningful service at every interaction to meet their rising expectations. Learn more about your customers through every contact and provide them with additional service options. Access to a knowledge base helps customers answer their own questions, with agents just a phone calls away if extra help is required.
Dynamics 365 for Customer ServiceFeatures:

  • Support ticket tracking: Track and manage customer support tickets generated via email, phone or web.
  • Support process flow: Move tickets across configurable process flows to track their progress and gain valuable insight.
  • Knowledge base: Use an internal knowledge base wiki to provided templated and automated email responses to customer inquiries.
  • Customizable: This enterprise-grade software can be customized to meet your specific customer service team needs.
  • Self-service portal: Utilize Microsoft’s customer service portal to allow customers to submit and manage support tickets.
  • Dashboards and reports: Create interactive dashboards that provide day to day insight on support trends, activities, and social media interaction.

Intelligent Business Applications

Microsoft Power Platform is a unified set of technologies and tools to customize, extend, and build intelligent business applications. It provides robust business intelligence capabilities to enhance Office 365 and Dynamics 365 business solutions. Power Platform includes low-code and no-code development toolsets so any process can be rapidly automated, simply integrated, and securely extended to outside systems. With integrated AI and machine learning, and a flexible business intelligence and reporting model you can empower your workforce to take advantage of personalized dashboards providing top-to-bottom real-time visibility and predictive analytics.

Power Platform is a collection of services that connect existing systems to improve individual and team productivity, streamline business processes, and provide better insights for decision-making. Power Platform provides easy-to-use technology and tools to accelerate application development and empower non-developers to create applications and automated workflows. At SkyTeam, we use this integrated application platform for easily and quickly build intelligent business applications, automate workflows and integrate systems to improve IT delivery. Powerful BI insights are then available to really drive efficiency.

Power Platform

The Power Platform comprises of three solutions –Power Apps, Power and Power BI. Together the three solutions come together to form a powerful integrated application platform.Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate each represent best-of-breed solutions. Power BI unlocks insights and intelligence, Power Apps converts that intelligence into action through transformative applications that can be built in a matter of hours and Power Automate makes business process orchestration easy.

Power Apps

Power Apps enables organizations to rapidly solve business problems through the creation of low-code or no-code applications, created in a matter of hours rather than months.
Power Apps empowers non-technical users to easily create custom applications that work on mobile devices to support a wide range of business tasks. These apps allow your people to share and capture information on the go, simplify processes and remove manual or paper steps. Power Apps inspires and enables your people to make, in just hours, the changes they would like to see. With Power Apps, you can easily build business apps for mobile that run on iOS, Android, Windows as well as most internet browsers. There is no need to create a different app for each operating system.

Power Automate

Power Automate is a no-code, cloud-based tool that allows users to create and automate workflows and repetitive tasks across multiple applications and services without the need of help from developers.
Once a workflow is built, it can be managed on your desktop or through a mobile app. Power Automate integrates with Microsoft services, including Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.PowerAutomate comes with over 200 connectors available out-of-the-box allowing you to connect to all your other business platforms.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft’s self-service business intelligence application, is a suite of business analytics tools used to analyze data and share insights. Power BI enables everyday users to connect with and gain insights from their data.Power BI enables you to harness data from Excel spreadsheets, on-premise data sources, big data, streaming data and cloud services, and allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources.

Power AI Builder

AI Builder is tightly integrated with Power Platform so that users can simply click on visual prompts to add AI-enabled controls to their mobile or web. It connects to data in the Power Platform’s Common Data Service, where users store and manage data from business applications. AI Builder allows you to easily automate processes and predict outcomes to help improve business performance. AI Builder is a turnkey solution that brings the power of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence through a point and click experience. Using AI Builder, you can add intelligence to your apps even if you have no coding or data science skills.
SkyTeam leverages AI Builder capabilities with PowerApps Studio to:

  • Enhance your apps and business processes with AI that’s easy to build and configure within Power Platform.
  • Give everyone in your organization—regardless of their technical experience—the ability to add AI capabilities to the apps they create and use.
  • Easily build, train, and publish AI models without writing a single line of code using pre-built or configurable templates and a guided process.
  • Apply AI to tasks such as forms processing, binary classification, object detection, and text classification with a simple intuitive interface.
  • Use Dynamics 365, Power Automate, andPower Apps data from Common Data Service to train models and enhance the intelligence of your business apps.

Power Virtual Agent

Power Virtual Agent is the latest Dynamics 365 AI-based end-to-end solution enabling organizations to transform customer service through the power of artificial intelligence (AI).
Power Virtual Agents let “subject matter experts” in your organization(customer service, sales, marketing, finance, HR, and so on) create bots with a guided, no-code graphical interface. Think of it as democratizing bot creation. No data scientists, developers, coding, or AI expertise is needed. Because Power Virtual Agents are part of the Power Platform, you can use the prebuilt connectors to have your bot talk to your backend systems or call an API.You’ll be able to create a chatbot that can work inside of Teams, in a Facebook Group, and text message, as well as in a little control that you can embed in your application.
Power Virtual Agents rely on Microsoft’s Bot Framework, which lets developers build chatbots. So, if you do want to add some code or more complex capabilities, Azure Cognitive Services and Bot Framework are just a few clicks away.

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